Has your child ever dreamed or talked about?... Castles, Patisseries, Countryside, Cheeses, Villages, Fresh food, Markets, Breads, Sunflower fields, Rivers, making new friends... Or would you like to introduce him or her to a new way of living?

Here is the opportunity to have a French family and to be fully immersed in the culture.

Allô l’été is a private children’s summer camp as well as a cultural and language exchange program located in the Southwest of France. We will provide 10 days trip for up to 4 enthusiastic children age 9 to 13.

The goal of our outbound program is for your children to gain cultural enrichment and improve their language skills while having a great time.
We will put you in contact with a loving and welcoming host family that has a child about the same age and gender as your own. They will enjoy dinner, a good night of sleep and breakfast with their French family.
In the morning your child and his/ her new French friend will get picked up and introduced to various activities in the French countryside.
The key is having authentic experiences through several excursions, and workshops. We will spend the first half of the day exploring places, to see the unique sights France has to offer as well as learning new skills like cooking, baking…etc. In the afternoon we will join another day camp for even more fun and more friends.

Your child will feel cared for thanks to a small group and the support of his French comrades.
We believe that exchange programs provide a distinct opportunity for personal growth and development.

And keep in mind, you could be exploring south of France while your children are making great memories too. 

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Allô l'été